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Like all good DJs, Conner Koula of Montreal QC — better known as Digital Fire — began his pursuit of becoming an entertainer at the tender age of 17. His sights set on gaining the skills, contacts, and respect needed to grow into a successful DJ, Conner applied himself as an open-format DJ, promoter, and photographer.

With a versatile sound that can only be described as filthy , Conner has sent waves through venues and festivals all around Quebec and the East Coast.

Balanced: Who are you and what is Digital Fire?

Conner Koula @ Digital Fire: I’m Conner Koula, a travelling DJ and artist based out of Montreal known as Digital Fire. I play a wide variety of music genres such as Trap /Hip Hop / House / Electro / Dubstep and other underground sounds. For the past 5 years I’ve been exploring as well playing at festivals and events across Quebec and the East Coast of Canada.

BLD: When and how did you join So Clean?

Conner: I joined So Clean in May 2014 after previously attending their car meets. I had just started as a DJ playing in bars and house parties, and I knew that car shows were something I wanted to be a part of. I approached the founders and made them a offer they could not refuse — I offered to work for free for the first season of weekly meets since I was just starting out as a DJ.

BLD: Who would you say has been the most influential artist for your growth as a DJ?

Conner: Black Tiger Sex Machine from the record label Kannibalen. The quality of music and video content they have been releasing is really next level. They recently went on a North American tour with their own visual effects and stage productions provided by a company in Montreal called ISM. They always have amazing stage, almost always go down into the crowd after the show to meet their fans, and always share a positive message.

BLD: How was your first year with the organization, what has changed since then?

Conner:The first year was unreal for me. The meets were happening weekly in the parking lot of Chag Autosport — a well known parts store and garage in Montreal — where over 1000 cars would arrive in the industrial area of the city. I never expected to have so much support from the people attending towards my music. I knew instantly that I had made the right decision by joining this fast growing automotive organization. Since then, the quality and amount of cars has grown too big for parking lots. As a result, So.Clean founders Rolland and Massimo were approached by the Autodrome St-Eustache to host events at the race track. To cover such a large area, I had to start bringing in larger sound systems, which in turn created a unique style, vibe, and sound for our events.

BLD: What can you tell us about the Autodrome St-Eustache race track?

Conner: The Autodrome St-Eustache is a family-owned and operated motorsport complex established in 1965, located only 30 minutes from Montreal. The organizers and staff are very friendly, and are dedicated to bringing quality events to the track. One side of the track has giant bleachers for seating, the other side is open for people to walk around to see the builds and watch the drag races or grab something to eat from the food truck.

The track hosts several events through out the summer that include drag racing, drifting, burnout contests and more. This season, I’m thankful to have the opportunity to DJ for some the bigger events such as Honda Fest, Midnight Madness, and The So Clean Show 4.0.

BLD: What is Trash Family and what is your role with them?

Conner: I’m a DJ and Tour Manager for Trash Family — a Montreal based electronic-music record label and event organization. Since joining in 2015, we have done 3 summer tours with dates around Quebec, PEI, New Brunswick and more. Working with Trash Family has given me the chance to play at a few festivals such as Future Forest, Valhalla Sound Circus , IGLOOFEST, Just For Laughs Festival, and UnderPressure Graffiti & Arts Festival.

BLD: Future Forest is a well-known festival in the Maritimes. How was your first experience and what did you enjoy the most?

Conner: Driving 8 hours away from the busy city of Montreal without cellphone reception is always a great experience, I love the open road. As soon as I arrived, I was greeted by friendly staff members and festival goers. I started to explore the site and was amazed by the size of the stages that were built and the art & decorations all around the forest. They gave me a really good time slot to play — I started off my set at sundown and finished in the dark. This kind of time slot helps bring the crowd through a journey together with the music during my set. What I enjoyed most was looking up at all the stars that I don’t get to see in the city, as well as playing on a PK Sound system, a Canadian manufacturer that provides the absolute best sound quality possible for music festivals.

BLD: Where will you be next?

Conner: This weekend I have 3 shows on the East Coast. Friday night I’m playing at Fishbones in Charlottetown PEI with my good friend DEKZ. Saturday you can catch me at Summer Slam Jam VI hosted by STANCEEAST. in Moncton NB, and at the official after-party at Revolution Nightclub.

BLD: Any closing thoughts?

Conner: I just want to say thank you for the interview, and also thank you to everyone supporting Digital Fire from far and wide.
My supporters are what keep my flame burning.

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