One Last Ride


Together we can do great things; in this case, give an amazing man one last ride.

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In car culture, it’s common that we can thank our parents for our addiction to fast machines. For many of us, it begins innocently enough with die-cast toy cars; 24-year-old Kory Vaugeois of Calgary, Alberta is no exception.


“When I was really young, my dad got me a toy of a first generation Dodge Viper and I loved it — I always told him I would get one eventually. I really started to get into mechanics and the whole theme of cars in high school. I had a buddy Brendan, he was always telling me about JDM cars. Long story short, my dad planted the idea of cars in my head when I was really young, Brendan guided me and helped me learn.”

Positive influence and support from both his father and his friend led to Kory his pride and joy — a 1992 Toyota Supra. It was a surprise to see Kory had posted the car for sale on Kijiji.

Kory’s family were struck with tragic news just a few weeks ago — his father and fellow car enthusiast, Shawn Vaugeois, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. By the time it was discovered, it had spread from his bile duct to his liver and lymph nodes. Kory took the opportunity to give up the one thing that he could to help his father.

“My car — as much as I love it, I love my dad more, and I would give anything to let him have some more fun before his time is up. That is exactly the same sacrifice my dad made for me, and the same one I am happy to do for him.”

When Kory was a child, his father sacrificed his dreams for his own dream, a 1969 Chevy Camaro, in order to give everything he could to his family.

“He and my mother were a foster home for youth. I remember growing up, there were a fair amount of kids that went through the house, but there were two that made it their home; Shaun (now 26), and Jesse (now 20). He coached my hockey for six years before I got to a level that he couldn’t coach anymore, so then he just helped out anywhere he could. He also was an assistant coach for my sister’s hockey teams, and Shaun’s hockey teams. He helped coach our baseball teams while we were playing that. He volunteered for a while at a community center in Calgary. There is so much I cannot even get all of it out. He is an amazing person. He is always there for us with anything we need.”


“Once he received the diagnosis, it made me realize that I will have other chances to have beautiful cars. But my dad who has his 1969 Camaro sitting in the garage since we moved here 20 years ago might never have another chance to drive the car he loves. He scarified it so he could spend money on our sports, spend time with us in school, and all-around just give to everyone else. I want to give him his car back, but I don’t have enough cash to restore it. I decided that I would gladly give anything I had to give him this time with his car. So I posted the one thing I had that is worth enough to give him that car back.”

Since posting his car for sale, Kory and his family have received an outpouring of support, and have set up a campaign for donations to help fund the restoration of his father’s Camaro.

“When I posted the car, I did not expect for so many people to react like this. I just did what I felt like my dad did for me. I hope that instead of just moving people, it prompts them to do the same — for their family, for their friends, for the people that matter to them — because what is life without those people?”


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