Cruise Night Done Right: Dieppe, New Brunswick 1


In March, I wrote about my skepticism of how this season would unfold.

The norm in many places where people like you and I gather on a lazy Sunday evening usually involves inevitably being forced to leave by the local police — the results of tires being turned into smoke, and exhaust pipes singing the song of our people. Not this Sunday, or at least not in Dieppe.

By 7:00PM the parking lot is packed, often leaving attendees forced to park across the street. By any means, this should sound like a recipe for disaster involving hoodlums leaving tire marks and getting the police called.

Strangely, it isn’t.


Each Sunday evening during the summer months, a group known as the Moncton Cruisers puts on a charity meet in partnership with the Dieppe Canadian Tire. Instead of police sirens, there’s a live three-piece band playing over a PA system. Instead of burning rubber, it’s hot dogs and burgers grilling.


What’s more, there’s an actual sense of diversity here — a positive one. Generally speaking, the new generation of enthusiasts who lust after the iconic Japanese and European cars from the 1990s don’t often mix well with the “good old boys” and their domestic muscle. They’re too far apart in time to understand each other.


Not here.

Not only do these different generations share this space — they actually interact with each other. There is a sense of understanding, mutual education, and respect binding the people here.


Perhaps best of all, the people who show up here week after week aren’t afraid of building something for themselves. Something that makes them smile to drive, unconcerned with who approves or what they “should” have done.


In only a few hours I witnessed everything from rat-rods and restomods, to European luxury and oddities, to Japanese circuit heroes and hard-parkers — each with their own distinct flair.


It’s too easy to be pessimistic when we try to determine what our standards for a meet should be. We too often succumb to accepting what’s simply just “good enough.” If we can take anything away, it’s this:


Cruise Night Dieppe should be the bar we all aspire to reach ◊




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One thought on “Cruise Night Done Right: Dieppe, New Brunswick

  • Jason LeBlanc

    Thank you for such a nice article. I’m one of the founders of the Moncton Cruisers and it’s always great to hear such nice words about our events. We put a lot of sweat equity into our meets and it’s things like this that motivate us to come back bigger and better every year!

    (PS. We raised a bit over $2000 for the Moncton Hospital that night through raffles, 50/50 and concessions! A new record for us)