Sunday Underground: Pre-Season Parking Lot Meet


Last Sunday I found myself in Halifax in search of some pre-season parking lot action to shoot. By the time I had arrived at the usual hangout on the waterfront, the wind was blowing, the rain was pouring and the temperature was dropping. Despite the dreary east coast weather, a handful of the regular crowd were out braving the weather in hopes of breaking a long winter hiatus from the park.

Sunday Meet 1

With the rain finally reaching an unbearable pace, we decided to move to an old hangout in the West-End that was more hospitable. Slowly more and more cars piled in, until a small gathering was formed at the back of this underground lot.

Sunday Meet 2

Despite the cold, damp and dimly lit setting, in this small shelter from the wind and rain it actually felt like summer was here — car enthusiasts out milling about with their friends, talking to each other about their progress over the off-season.

Sunday Meet 3

One of my personal favourites from that crowd was this DC5 Acura RSX Type-S, which was low and loud enough to have offended anyone in earshot.

Sunday Meet 4

An uncommon choice among today’s crowd, this turbo Chevy Cruze was a nice change of pace from the usual suspects.

Sunday Meet 5

Speaking of uncommon by today’s fascination with “clean” and “perfectionist,” this Subaru WRX proudly displayed its battle-scars as a vibrant contrast to its pearl paint.

Sunday Meet 6

But ultimately, this Civic stole the show as my favourite of the bunch. It appears clean, simple, and tastefully modified from its exterior, but was hiding a dirty secret.

Sunday Meet 7

Passersby would hardly notice Jeff’s car, parked and seemingly unassuming to the average Joe or Jane. Only the eye of an enthusiast could detect something was not quite so factory about his Civic..

Sunday Meet 8

..Under the hood we find a K24Z7 equipped with a Kraft Werks supercharger. With a very linear power delivery, this kit finds a perfect home in Jeff’s car, who still wanted his Honda to feel like a Honda should — just with some added punch. Currently making over 300HP, Jeff is shooting for a respectable 350 horses this year.

Sunday Meet 9

Below is the full modlist from Jeff’s Civic. We look forward to spotting this sleeper on the streets!

Sunday Meet 10

Jeff’s 2013 Honda Civic Si

  • Kraftwerks supercharger kit
  • Upgraded 110mm pulley
  • 1000cc grams injectors
  • Competition stage 2 clutch
  • Hasport 70a rear engine mount
  • Hondata Flashpro
  • Skunk2 catless 3″ downpipe
  • Fullrace 3″ catback exhaust
  • Road magnet 1.5″ drop springs
  • SPC rear camber arms
  • 17×7.5 Fast Rennen wheels
  • 2012 Civic 4 door si front bumper (to be painted)
  • Morimoto mini H1 projector retrofit
  • AEM wide band


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