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Every Spring, the insatiable itch flares up and car enthusiasts across Canada feel the harsh symptoms of withdrawal.



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The long cruises, late-night parking lot meets, and the Summer sun. Eager to put our hard hours of blood, sweat, tears spent in the garage on display. We’ve sat patiently by the window all winter, filled with hope for what this season will bring us.

But this year has me asking myself, what can we really expect?

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The overwhelming feeling in Halifax seems to be one of skepticism and concern. Recently, I came across a thread in a private Facebook group where users were concerned after several members witness some less than savory behavior at a local hangout. Not even a week into the beginning of the season. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a prude. I love a good burnout or smoky power-slide as much as the next car enthusiast, but there’s a time and a place for everything. Point Pleasant Park’s lower parking lot in the middle of the afternoon is neither of those. It only takes one asshole’s behavior to ruin a meet for the rest of us.

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On another note, there’s a void in the scene for originality. Every year, it’s becoming more of the same across the entire spectrum — clean, low, and wide. We’ve somehow become caught up in doing what people think we should do, rather than doing what we truly want to do. Without any contrast, it becomes impossible to fully appreciate how unique we can be. Just because you hate show cars doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the time and effort someone put into their build.

Leafy Photography

I think as a whole, we have some reflecting to do. If we really want change the scene, we need to do something about it and that starts with each and every one of us as an individual. With that in mind, below is a simple guide to help each of us make this season the best we can:

1. Build what you love

2. Don’t be a dick

3. Respect your fellow car enthusiast

4. Appreciate what makes us different

Here’s to making this season the best it can be.


Photography by:
Sean Rainey | Leafy Photography

March 2016

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One thought on “How To Stop Ruining The Scene

  • Edward White

    Great to the point article. I agree 100% with what is being said here and it seems that in NB things are sliding in the same direction. As the owner of MM I try to promote what you said here and promote the appreciation of all builds from classics to import show cars to powerhouse track builds etc aswell as the respect of public grounds when hanging out and at shows as none of what we do is a right. It’s a privledge and we as a community need to respect the grounds and the communities and general public we drive around in or else our world of cars will be non-existant. Time for people to take some responsibility.