Where Icons Are Born: Peter Pang on NEXTMOD


For months I’ve been looking to get in contact with Peter Pang, founder of the internationally-known shop NEXTMOD to chat about what they do, and the cars they have created that have inspired car enthusiasts all across the globe.


BLD: Who are you, and what is Nextmod?

Peter @ NEXTMOD: My name is Peter Pang from Nextmod  Nextmod is a shop that specializes in performance parts, aero, wheels & tires, racing gear and everything in between. We currently have 4 locations: Markham, Ottawa, Mississauga, and Montreal. I started selling parts back in 1999 online, but our first store was up and running in Markham, Ontario about 6 or 7 years ago.

BLD: What led you to start selling parts back in 1999?

Peter: I started selling parts because I love cars. I love modifying cars, but as a university student at the time, I couldn’t afford much even with my part-time job. I had to do something else on the side to be able to afford parts and gas.


BLD: You’ve seen many phases and trends in the automotive industry over the years — in your opinion, what does Canadian car culture bring to the table? What’s something Canadian car enthusiasts could do better?

Peter: We have definitely had many phases and trends  from big body kits to clean JDM styles, to hellaflush and now, wide body everything.

I think Canadian car culture has come a long way in the automotive industry. We use to have a 1 to 2 year trend delay about 15 years ago. But, we have been seeing more and more Canadian builds hitting magazine features and even magazine covers. We’ve also seen many world first wide body builds.


BLD: What did you take away from your recent trip to Japan?

Peter: I have been going to Japan and the Tokyo Auto Salon for the past 10 years, staying 4-6 weeks each time to visit shops and meet new shop owners, and of course catching the latest trends in Japan.

BLD: What are some of the latest trends you’ve seen?

Peter: Nothing really stood out this year. It’s still just wide-bodies from Miura-San (Rocket Bunny).

Everyone is just trying to come out with the next wide-body that will kill the internet, but nothing has been able to come close to what LibertyWalk had done 2 years ago.



BLD: Nextmod has successfully branched out from Markham to Mississauga, Ottawa, and Montreal. What has been the biggest contributor to your success?

Peter: I am very lucky to have found partners that all have the same passions for cars as I do. It’s not just a business or a store to us. If you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work.

BLD: What have been the biggest challenges?

Peter: The biggest challenge has always just been how much time the business takes. We use to work 18-20 hour days during the busy season for the first 3 years after opening Nextmod Markham. We never really got a chance to go out, eat with friends, party or see our family. But, we did hire a great team of guys at the shop now, so I get to leave the shop on time.    laughs


BLD: Nextmod has been behind some iconic builds — Which of these do you consider to be your favourite and why?

Peter: I would have to say the two LibertyWalk R35 GTRs have to be my favourite. Both of those build were close to perfect in every way.


BLD: What made the LibertyWalk R35 builds so memorable for you?

Peter: I fell in love with the LiberyWalk GTR bodykit when I saw it at SEMA when it first came out. We pretty much decided that day that we will build the first one in Canada. We ordered the kit from LB, and we also ordered the rims from ADV1 that night.

By the time the body kit came in from Japan, we had less then two weeks to finish the car before the 2014 Canadian International Auto Show. We also took a huge risk by making the wheels 2 inches wider than recommended, so we were under a lot of pressure during that time since we weren’t 100% sure if everything would fit. In the end, everything worked out perfectly. MS Auto did an amazing job with the body kit installation and paint, and Brian from APH also did an amazing job on all the installation of all the suspension parts, rims and tires.


As for the black one, it’s very memorable because the customer loved the white one so much that he picked up a 2015 GTR and shipped it out to us right away for us to work on it.


BLD: What’s next for you & Nextmod?

Peter: We have 3 pretty big GTR projects and a BMW M4 project coming soon  all of them will be WIDE!   laughs

As for the business, we do have plans but I would rather keep it a secret until we’re ready to move forward.




Peter Pang | NEXTMOD
Phone: 1 (416) 800-9139
Website: Nextmod.com
Instagram: @nextmod

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