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This evening I talked with Paul Salvador about his business Hooked On Detailing, and what drives his passion for a clean car. More than your average detailer, Paul talked to us about a new type of product that is at the forefront of what will be the next big jump in the detailing world…


Balanced: Let’s get started by introducing yourself for those who may not be familiar.

Paul Salvador: My name is Paul Salvador, I came here from the Philippines about 4 years ago together with my now-wife. we just had a baby girl this year, and she has been the centre of our lives ever since. We also have two dogs that we flew from back home.


BLD: Can you share with us what was it like growing up in the Philippines and what car culture looks like there?

Paul: Growing up in the Philippines was great. We have very close family values — we’re always taught to be respectful to elders and others. As for car culture, a car enthusiast is a car enthusiast no matter where they are from. Like here, they also modify their cars to express themselves. We also have underground street racing. I also find that the parts are also cheaper back home so it’s easier to do upgrades.


BLD: What made you want to come to Canada?

Paul: The weather! Just kidding… My wife and I always wanted to start a new life on our own and what better place to do it than here, in Canada.

BLD: Your business, Hooked On Detailing, is growing steadily and gaining recognition — was working with cars always the vision for your life in Canada?

Paul: To be honest, I’ve always been “hooked on detailing” — when I was a kid, I would always ask my dad to teach me how to drive and in return he will always tell me to clean his car first. So I always make sure I do a great job with it. That’s when I started to love detailing.. even if my dad was not around, I would still detail his car. To be honest having a detailing business is a dream come true.


BLD: What was the most challenging aspect of moving here and getting your business off the ground? Has the community been receptive?

Paul: The most challenging is the language barrier — sometimes I find it hard to fully express myself and the same goes with my business. I’ve gained a lot of friends and so far its been a good steady growth — 90% of my business is from referrals and I’m happy with it!


BLD: Speaking of referrals, you’re becoming increasingly popular with the enthusiast crowd — what do you think Hooked On Detailing has to offer that makes it stand apart from the rest?

Paul: I’ve always wanted to offer high-end detailing that everyone can afford — that has always been my goal. I have professional training from one of the best in the industry, I’m using innovative techniques and the best detailing products. I’m also offering the latest technology in paint protection, silica-based coating. That’s why I’m offering it at a reasonable price — I want everyone to experience the benefits of the coating.


BLD: What makes silica-based coatings the “next big thing” for detailing?

Paul: There’s a lot to say.

It’s the next big thing because it covers everything we want for a paint protection — it’s 3 times harder than your clearcoat, so you get better scratch resistance. It gives superior protection from UV rays, better protection against road salts (for winter), repels water, dirt and contaminants so your vehicle will stay cleaner longer which reduces your frequency of washing. Your car will look more glossy and slick. You don’t need to wax any more, and most importantly — it last for up to 5 years!


BLD: What’s next for Hooked On Detailing?

Paul: I’m planning to grow the business and let more people know about my passion. I want to be more active and less shy with events and shows. I’ll continue to create the impression that my business is more than just a “wash and wax” detailing service, promote my skills in paint correction and expertise in silica based coatings.

BLD: I’d like to sincerely thank you for taking the time to talk with us tonight. Do you have any closing thoughts?

Paul: I would like to say thank you so much for your time and this opportunity, and for everyone who supports me — my family, friends and all my clients who also became my friends — thank you so much for the trust.

Paul Salvador | Hooked on Detailing

Phone +1 (902) 412-6001

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